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Our Curriculum

The Wonder Years Academy preschool approach provides a broad learning foundation in which your children are encouraged to try new things and ask many, many questions!

Our lessons each day are academically enriched as we focus on kindergarten readiness by introducing the alphabet (recognition, sounds, and writing); phonics; number recognition and writing; shapes; colors, etc. Each child will have several opportunities each day to identify and write or color the letters and numbers of the day, expanding into shapes and colors. Both fine and gross motor skills are taught as children learn the basics of cutting, sorting, and matching.

Our themed units include fun-filled instruction and active exploration as we introduce themes such as:
Science :
Plant and insect life
The animal kingdom
Space exploration
The human body
Transportation……….and much more!
Imagination Builders :
Classic fairy tales and other characters taught through storytelling, dress-ups, music and more.
Occupations in our community, such as doctors, firefighters, farmers, postal workers, etc.
Cultural holidays celebrated around the world……….and much more!
Social Awareness :
Developing self-esteem through positive reinforcement and motivation
Learning appropriate group behavior such as taking turns, standing in line, listening skills
Respect for others, friendship skills, exhibiting good manners…………and much more!

Educational Field Trips will also be taken throughout the year to locations that support our themes, such as the pumpkin patch, petting zoo, fire station or post office, etc.

Special Guests and Presentations are much anticipated events that occur occasionally at our preschool, including a monthly visit from The Music Man!

Combined with lots of love and individual attention, all of the curriculum at Wonder Years Academy is intended to provide new, multi-sensory experiences that will develop self-confidence and an ongoing thirst for knowledge in your child.

Also check out our Info Packet under the “General Information” tab for more details!

Wonder Years Academy Preschool

Preschool Lehi, Utah

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